Fischer RCS Speedmax Plus Hole

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The ULTIMATE speed machine! The World Cup professionals say that this is the fastest ski out there, and who are we to contradict them??

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The plus ski works best in temps -5°C on compact to soft snow – perfect for here!

The Fischer RCS Speedmax Ski base is bonded to the ski using a cold process, meaning the ski doesn’t lose the properties it was selected for. Therefore, the molecular structure of the ski is retained, and wax absorption is optimised.

It has a deeper and rougher structure which is created by a natural diamond, making the base unbeatably fast especially in warm and damp conditions just like we see on a frequent basis here on the West Coast! But – if you’re going elsewhere, the intermediate layer absorbs external thermal changes so the ski can be used in any condition.

The hole in the tip reduces weight at the tip of the ski, so less effort is required thanks to the reduced pendulum action. Really – they think of everything! Check out the video for more info!


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